Israel Cross Roads of History

Jerusalem • Tel Aviv• Dead Sea• Galilee

Discover the wonders of the old Jerusalem, enjoy the serenity of Dead Sea, explore the modernity of Tel Aviv. Learn about the history of Masada and modern day border conflicts. Take the time to appreciate Israeli cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of the Druze.

9 days from $6,125 per person, land only, fully customizable



Israel Past and Present

Jerusalem • Tel Aviv• Jaffa• Petra

Explore Jerusalem, Masada, Jaffa and Petra. Enjoy thrilling 4x4 rides and breathtaking helicopter flights. Dine at top rated restaurants and enjoy the hospitality of a Druze family. Learn about military strategy and relax at the Dead Sea.

12 days from $10,985 per person, land only, fully customizable



Wonders of Ancient Israel

Jerusalem • Tel Aviv• Haifa

For a spiritual epicenter, Israel still feels surprisingly contemporary and fresh. Uncover cosmopolitan Tel Aviv’s laid-back vibe and hip Haifa’s Bauhaus style. Then, descend into the holy lands that set the foundations for many faiths—including Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world.


Must See Sights

Masada • Dead Sea

Travel through the Judean desert to the Dead Sea, and visit Masada on route. Ride the cable car to the mountaintop for a guided tour of the 2,000-year-old ruins, and continue to the Dead Sea to swim in its salt-rich waters. Take a therapeutic mud bath. Visit the site of the New Testament parable of the Good Samaritan, and ancient city of Jericho.


Ancient Port Cities

Caesarea• Haifa•Rosh Hanikra•Acre

Delve into three of Israel's historical port cities and the enchanting Rosh Hanikra grottos. Visit the archaeological relics of ancient Caesarea, a port built by Herod the Great and home to the ruins of a harbor and Roman amphitheater. Visit Haifa to see the exquisite Baha’i Gardens, stroll around the sea grottos of Rosh Hanikra, and stop in the timeworn port of Acre to explore its Crusader tunnels and vibrant Old City Market.


Heritage Tours

Tel Aviv• Mediterranean Coast •Jerusalem

Israel heritage tours are designed to engage participants from a faith based perspective – exploring the historical, political, and religious sites and institutions that make Israel such a unique destination.