Jerusalem & Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, Petra, Jaffa

(12 Days - from $10,985 per person - Departs Daily on a Private Basis - Can be fully customized to meet your needs) 

DAY 1    Arrive to Jerusalem

VIP airport assistance- passengers are greeted at the end of the jet bridge, escorted by car through the airport to the passport control, directly to the front of the line. Greeter assists with baggage collection at carousel and escorts passenger to car. 

Depart for Jerusalem via private car and driver

Overnight: King David hotel

DAY 2    Jerusalem

Visit The Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane, explore City of David and Davidson Center - an archeological site from 1800 B.C.

Explore sacred Jewish and Christian sites in the Old City of Jerusalem

There is a magical quality about the Old City of Jerusalem that does not exist anywhere else in the world. Perhaps it is due to the glorious history of the towering stone walls and ancient buildings, or the sacred atmosphere that surrounds the holy sites of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. The enchanting quality of Jerusalem may also come from the colorful markets and narrow alleyways, or from the city’s dynamic history - a history woven with war and peace, love and hate, destruction and resurrection. The Old City was originally built by King David in 1004 B.C.E. and has always been considered the center of the world. Since then Jerusalem has been cherished and glorified by kings, rulers, and conquerors who attempted to storm its walls and adored by ordinary people who made it the loadstone of their faith. This was the place where the Jews built the Temple, where Jesus was crucified, and where Mohammed rose to Heaven. Over the years, the Old City has undergone many changes which have made it one of the most interesting places in the world.

Visit the Western Wall and walk through the Western Wall tunnels

Stop by the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and discover the 14 stations of the Via Dolorosa

Dinner at Mona restaurant

Overnight at King David hotel 

DAY 3 Jerusalem
Yad Vashem

As the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations. Established in 1953, as the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is today a dynamic and vital place of intergenerational and international encounter. For over half a century, Yad Vashem has been committed to four pillars of remembrance -commemoration, documentation, research and education. A decade in the making, the Holocaust History Museum combines the best of Yad Vashem’s expertise, resources and state-of-the-art exhibits to take Holocaust remembrance well into the 21st century.

The museum occupies over 4,200 square meters, mainly underground, and presents the story of the Shoah from a unique Jewish perspective, emphasizing the experiences of the individual victims through original artefacts, survivor testimonies and personal possessions. At the end of the museum’s historical narrative is the Hall of Names — a repository for the Pages of Testimony of millions of Holocaust victims, a memorial to those who perished. From the Hall of Names, visitors will continue on to balcony opening to a panoramic view of Jerusalem.

Lunch at Machneyuda restaurant

Discover the Jewish Quarter and the 1948 memorial

Walk on Mount Zion, the place where The Last Supper and visit King David 's tomb

Overnight at King David hotel

DAY 4    Masada - Dead Sea

Visit Qumran National Park that lies at the foot of the vertical cliff of the Judean Desert, rising up from the shores of the Dead Sea. In the 2nd century BCE, Qumran was settled by members of the Essene sect, the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Atop a lone rock cliff at the western end of the Judean Desert lays Masada, combining natural beauty and deep meaning. Together, we will ascend and tour King Herod’s private fortress, which following the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 BCE, became a base for a small band of Jewish zealots in revolt against the Romans. Although the rebels held strong, they were eventually overcome by siege, and according to historian Josephus, chose mass suicide over surrender. Masada has come to symbolize the fierce determination of the people of Israel, but its tragic history also raises questions about the price of freedom.

Herods Hotel at the Dead Sea for lunch, spa and swim.

Dinner at Adom Restaurant

Overnight King David hotel

DAY 5    Jerusalem and Helicopter Flight

Tour Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest biblical manuscripts in existence.

Lunch at Chakra

Helicopter flight to Mitzpe Ramon- View of Jerusalem, Masada, Ramon Crater from above

Overnight: Beresheet hotel

DAY 6    Ramon Crater

4X4 Adventure Trip "Touching the Ramon Crater": Approximately 3 hours. After a short stay at the viewpoint atop Ma'ale Ha'Atzmaut, we will drive down into the Ramon Crater on the paved road and venture out into its marvelous scenery via the Ramon stream. Here, we will use a model and presentation to explain the creation of the Ramon Crater, and admire the uniquely colorful banks of the stream. The tour continues off-road as we drive to the summit of Mount Gvanim, which offers spectacular views of the entire Ramon Crater. Here, we will tell you about the "Glass Half Full" – what was planned in the area in the past, what was actually carried out, and what might happen in the future. We will continue the tour by driving the length of the picturesque Gvanim stream. In the shade of the acacia tree, we will hear an explanation of the desert flora and fauna, as well as the story of the acacia itself. If we are very lucky we might see some deer, but in any event you will learn a little about life in this unique terrain.

Visit Bedouin Village

Overnight: Beresheet Hotel

DAY 7    Arava Border
Drive to Arava Border

Visit Wadi Ram in a 4x4 trip

Overnight at Petra Movenpick hotel

DAY 8    Petra

The entrance to the famous site of Petra is through Al-Siq, a winding trail at the bottom of a natural deep canyon, at the end of which reveals itself the most famous Treasury monument. Hear story of the Nabateans who have established Petra as their capital on the “Spice Route”. Lunch break in a local restaurant, followed by some free time to explore this World Heritage site. Early afternoon drive to Aqaba with some free time to explore the city. Proceed to Arava border Crossing Point, and return to Eilat.

Fly back to Tel Aviv by commercial flight

Dinner at Norman

Overnight: The Norman hotel

DAY 9    Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek neighborhood was founded in 1887 by businessman Aharon Shlush who joined forces with Shimon Rokah to escape the crowded living quarters of Jaffa, 22 years before Tel Aviv was founded. Many intellectuals such as Nobel Prize winner Shai Agnon and artist Nachum Guttman resided in Neve Tzedek, and they laid the foundations for its artistic character.

Visit Independence Hall and walk along Rothschild Boulevard

Discover Taglit Innovation Center

Dinner at Manta Ray - Manta ray is a true beachfront restaurant, located alongside the sands of the beach, and just steps away from the clashing waves. Manta Ray kitchen is unique for its special and creative Middle Eastern cuisine.

Overnight: The Norman hotel Tel Aviv

DAY 10    Technoda, Helicopter Ride, Mount Bental

Drive to Technoda

Take a Helicopter ride along the Tabor Mountain, Tiberias and land near the Sea of Galilee

Visit Church of Mount of Beatitudes

Depart to Mount Bental. The summit of this extinct volcano is also a dormant army strongpoint, where sodden sandbags still surround guard posts. Inside the mountain lays an extensive IDF bunker and the signpost of the circular plaza makes the strategic position of Mt. Bental resoundingly clear: "Damascus 60 km."

Enjoy lunch in Druze village, visit Druze family.

Visit Pelter winery and taste wine and local cheese

Fly back to Tel Aviv

Dinner at Pastel

Overnight: The Norman hotel

DAY 11    Hatzor Airforce, Jaffa

Visit Hatzor Airforce base

Tour the Old city of Jaffa and Summit Garden. Visit Jaffa, pronounced Yaffo in Hebrew, one of the oldest port cities in the Land of Israel and the Mediterranean. Jaffa was built upon a high cliff at the foot of which lies the port that is defended by the protruding rocks. Jaffa has been an active port since the 18th century BCE. It has a rich history and culture evolving from the many different leaders who conquered it in the past.

Explore Flea Market Jaffa

Dinner at Turkiz

Overnight: The Norman hotel

DAY 12    Akko Caesarea and Nazareth

Day trip to Akko Caesarea and Nazareth

Lunch at Hellena

Dinner at Shila Restaurant

Private transfer to airport. VIP departure assistance