After spending what feels like an eternity choosing centerpieces on Pinterest, writing and rewriting the ideal guest list, and talking to anyone who will listen about your latest party favor idea, it can be hard to accept that all of the countless hours spent dreaming of your perfect party will end with one glorious evening. All that planning and work and yet … three hours and the magic is over. Take your event away from home to create a real getaway experience that will make those moments last forever.

When you indulge in a destination event, instead of one brilliant night, you get days and days of sunshine. The experience starts before you even get on the plane, as your guests excitedly chat about the upcoming itinerary, and it continues long after the trip is over, leaving you with a lifetime of precious memories. Give your friends and family the opportunity to share new exciting experiences, make incredible memories, and celebrate your simcha together somewhere unforgettable.

Even more important than the memories created, there is no better way to strengthen the bond between people than travelling together. At the end of the day, the greatest joy in our lives comes from our relationships. When you create a once in a lifetime experience for your friends and family in Israel, you are giving them the eternal gift of strong bonds of friendship.

Israel is miraculously timeless; with a history as ancient as history itself, it is also at the forefront of the future, pushing the world ahead with creativity and innovation. But we at Top Events will help you craft your present, filling each and every day in Israel with a million magical moments. From horseback riding on the beach at sunset to stargazing in the Negev desert and exploring Israel’s unique sites, we will take you beyond time, making your special moment last forever.

We at Top Events are the leading experts in luxury event planning in Israel, and our main goal is to make your dreams come true. We will not only bring all of those beautiful ideas in your imagination to life, but we will make them part of an enchanting Israel adventure that will stay with you and your family forever.

Noam Shalit